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7 Wallpaper Design Ideas For Your Home

A well-designed wall will be the backdrop or canvas of your home decor. It is essential because it puts everything together and sets the overall mood. Achieve your desired home by checking out these trendy ideas that will level up your boring walls with Wilcon Depot.

Tropical Wallpaper

Bright, fresh, and airy, this tropical wallpaper brings the element of nature. The calmness of green and neutral tone exudes the earthy beauty within your walls. Tropical prints evoke positive emotions; it is a great surprise to any space because of the nature-inspired elements.

Wood-like Wallpaper

In the ever-changing world of interior design, wood vintage styles are still followed and applied today. Wood-like wall coverings can give you the classic, timeless, and cozy-elegant feel that is a perfect traditional charm to your living room, bedroom, and dining room. In addition, it is more cost-efficient than natural wood or wood-like tiles.

Brickstone Wallpaper

Consider brickstones wallpaper for its cost, convenience, and range of styles compared to the actual brick stone. This wallpaper design gives a rustic, cottage, and industrial appeal that is strong, sharp, and masculine finish. However, remember to pick the closest brick's authentic color and natural texture as possible to achieve a natural look and avoid looking fake.

Plain Wallpaper

An uncluttered and relaxing home increases happiness and lessens stress; it rewards every homeowner. Plain wallpaper gives you mental wellness because of its clean, uncomplicated, and minimalist feel. Moreover, by selecting a simple wallpaper, you can easily choose specific wall art pieces for your home that highlight your personality.

Textured Wallpaper

Textured wall coverings are perfect to disguise wall damage such as bumps, cracks, and lines. Furthermore, the embossed and raised textured effect adds depth, warmth, and drama to your home that hides the wall imperfections. With countless designs, these textured wallpaper can transform your abode from ordinary to extraordinary.

Stripes Wallpaper

Have a striped wallpaper to get your guest's attention and add interest to your space. It is one of the popular wallpaper choices since its vertical lines create a taller room, and horizontal lines make a space look more expansive. In addition, the illusion it brings makes the home airy and opulent.


Start looking for anything that can be a beautiful framework for your wall and the rest of the room. Then, you can quickly begin your wall makeover with the ever-dependable one-stop shop for all your wallcoverings and decor needs, Wilcon Depot.

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