Alphalux Led Ceiling Slim Light Changing Color Temperature 2x36

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Series : Ceiling Light Series
Model : 8333a/36wx2
Item Number : 959800000711
Size : 500mm
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Product Specification

SKU 959800000711
Application Indoor
Brand Alphalux
Finish Matte
Material Acrylic+Iron
Series Ceiling Light Series
Unit of Measurement Pc
Size 500mm
Kelvin 6500K,3000K,4000K
Beam Angle 180°
Lumens 3240
Color Temperature Daylight, Warm White, and Cool White
Wattage 36W X 2
Model Number 8333a/36wx2

Product Features


3000 k


4000 k


6500 k

Color Temperature

  • Warm White (3000k)
    A soft yellowish light that creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. The soft lighting it glows is conducive to relaxing and chilling.
    Great for: bedroom, living room, dining area
  • Cool White (4000k)
    A bright white with a subtle bluish hue light that creates a balanced atmosphere. The glow it illuminates casts a clear, fresh glow, making any space conducive to productivity.
    Great for: kitchen, office space, living room
  • Daylight (6500k)
    A light that mimics the natural glow of sunlight. Its glow casts a bright natural light that can be used in any space, creating an active atmosphere.
    Great for: study room, bathroom, storage room

Longer lifespan

Built to last a lot longer than icandescents and CFLs, lasts up to 20,000 hours.

Higher lumen

Has a high lumen output and a low wattages for efficiency

More savings

Consume up to 70% less power than incandescent bulbs.


Contains no mercury or other hazardous substances.

Color-changing LED

Modify the color temperature from daylight, cool white, and warm white. Set the mood and create your own atmosphere anytime with this innovative feature.

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