Food Preparation Areas

Taps, Sinks &
Waste Management Systems

Award winning, smart, eco-friendly taps perfectly completed by elegant, spacious bowls that can be equipped with accessories or other smart tools so you have everything you need, always at hand. Everything in the best, most durable and hygienic materials, for example stainless steel or our exclusive Fragranite.


Wall Mounted and Built-in Hoods

Every kitchen has specific needs, so we created a range of hoods able to surprise you with technology, efficiency, lighting and beautiful designs. Discover the available colours, shapes and special technologies from built-in screens to air-purifying systems.


Oven, Microwave, & Hobs

When we design our appliances, we do so with your routines in mind, so that we can offer functional solutions that are easy to use, smart in their features and beautiful to look at.

Product Category

Enjoy every part of cooking


Discover solutions designed to change with you and your family.

We design every one of our products to be excellent on its own and unrivaled in its performance and style, but we know that unity makes strength and that every kitchen has its very own needs.

Enjoy every part of cooking

Being together and sharing with each other are at the heart of the Franke Kitchen.

Our journey starts from the heart of every home, its kitchen: we cook there, we eat there, we spend time together there and, more often than not, all at the same time. We have been inspired for over 110 years by Swiss craftsmanship and precise engineering and we combine premium and durable quality with intuitive design to offer you proper home solutions `rather than simple products.