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Series : Zinc Garlic Press
Model : Kt00632
Item Number : 959500007892
Dimension/Size : 25x8.8x3.8cm
Material : Zinc
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Product Specification

SKU 959500007892
Application Indoor
Brand Home Basics
Material Zinc
Series Zinc Garlic Press
Unit of Measurement Pc
Size 25x8.8x3.8cm
Model Number Kt00632

Product Features

Chopping up garlic using a knife can be a time-consuming task and often times when done in this way you don’t produce the results you’re looking for. And not mention the pungent smell left lingering on your hands is not the most pleasant. Instead of breaking a sweet peeling and chopping garlic and dealing with the powerful scent, try using this garlic press to get the task done more quickly. Simply insert a clove of garlic into the metal reservoir, and squeeze the handles to create uniform pieces without the skin. Its textured rubber handle enable you to apply as much pressure as needed without worrying about putting too much tension on your hands.

  • Chop up perfectly garlic in seconds
    Easily mince bulbs of unpeeled garlic. Simply pop it into the reservoir and squeeze the handles. The result: Perfectly minced garlic out and the peel left inside.
  • Spacious garlic reservior
    The spacious chamber allows you to effortlessly press a large bulb of garlic, while the evenly patterned perforations extracts more uniform pieces.
  • Textured rubber grip handles for a comfortable and solid hold
    The zinc plated steel handle with rubberized grips provides just the perfect amount of torque to crush garlic cloves, while still maintaining a non-slip grip even when hands are damp and sticky.
  • Designed to love and last
    Made of durable zinc plated steel, the garlic crusher resists rust and corrosion and is equipped with soft-touch, textured rubber handles for easy squeezing.
  • Measures:
    2.37" x 2" x 7.12"
  • Easy to clean
    Dishwasher safe for easy maintenance

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