Air Purifier Mini Cute Series Portable Air Purifier

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Series : Mini Cute Series
Model : X8
Item Number : 127000000056
Dimension/Size : 25x30x60mm
Material : Plastic
/ PC

Product Specification

SKU 127000000056
Weight (kgs) 0.026000
Application Indoor & Outdoor
Brand Air Purifier
Finish Matte
Material Plastic
Series Mini Cute Series
Unit of Measurement Pc
Size 25x30x60mm
Negative ion 20million/s
Effective volume 1m³
Input voltage DC 5v
Input power < 1w
Batter capacity 500mah
Power supply USB
Charging time 1 hour
Warranty 1 year
Model Number X8

Product Features

  • Super Efficient Purification
    This ion air purifier releases more than 120 million negative ions to purify the air to remove contaminants in personal spaces. It can effectively purify the air polluted by indoor air and indoor harmful substances thereby improving your mood and sleep.
  • Portable & Durable
    This mini air purifier is simple and compact. It can be hung around the neck or on the car. It is very fashionable and can be used to create clean, good air areas in travel, public places or other places with poor air quality. Let fresh air stay with you forever.
  • No Noise & Gear Adjustment
    The sound is very quiet during operation, and will not disturb you during work or rest. The operation is very simple, just press the button for two seconds to enjoy the fresh air. This purification necklace is more efficient than other brands to purify the air. You can configure your air butler according to different environments.
  • Lasting Battery life
    The portable ion air purifier has a USB charging port, which can be used for about 60 hours after 2 hours of charging to ensure fresh air and protect you during the flu season.
  • Best Choice
    Say goodbye to ordinary large air purifiers! This portable ionized air freshener is ideal for people suffering from allergies, asthma, nasal congestion, and other respiratory sensitivities. Avoid annoying artificial smells. We will choose the fastest delivery channel for each customer , The order is expected to arrive within 10-12 days. Please feel free to buy!

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