Schneider (8431m 3 We) 250v 16ax Gang Intermediate Switch 1.

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Item number: 838600000059
Model: 8431M_3_WE
Size: 34.85 x 45.8 x 32.8 mm
Component Type: Switch
Product Application: Switch & socket
/ PC

Product Specification

SKU 838600000059
Brand Schneider
Series ZENcelo
Unit of Measurement Pc
Color White
Size 34.85 x 45.8 x 32.8 mm
Model Number 8431M_3_WE
The patented "impress" (iso-motionpress) mechanism ensures the switch dolly remains stationary when it is "on" or "off", and at the same time occupying a much smaller footprint. Enabled by impress. mechanism, ZENcelo makes the future flatter than you ever imagined.

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