Schneider Hom220 Homeline 2poles 20amp (Plug-In)

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Item number: 838600000060
Model: HOM220
Size: 50.80 x 79.50 x 75.69 mm
Component Type: Miniature circuit-breaker
Product Application: Electrical circuit control
/ PC

Product Specification

SKU 838600000060
Brand Schneider
Series Homeline
Unit of Measurement Pc
Color Black
Size 50.80 x 79.50 x 75.69 mm
P.S. Number Q2041
Model Number HOM220
Engineered for value, Homeline™ Load Centers feature compatibility with Homeline 1” circuit breakers, tin & copper plated aluminum bus bars, fully distributed split neutral with backed-out neutral terminal screws, Plug-on Neutral solution for all 8 space and above enclosures, fully convertible mains and top or bottom feed, among other reliable and high quality characteristics.

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