Ecoclean Declogger Septic Saver/Declogger

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Series : Declogger
Model : Ggss6
Item Number : 959500007622
Dimension/Size : 362 Grams
Material : Enzyme
/ PC

Product Specification

SKU 959500007622
Application Indoor
Brand Ecoclean
Material Enzyme
Series Declogger
Unit of Measurement Pc
Size 362 Grams
Model Number Ggss6

Product Features

  • Never have septic problem again
    Protect your septic tank with Green Gobbler Septic Saver. Using the most powerful bacteria and digestive enzymes available, Septic Saver digests grease, fats, oils, paper, and organic matter to keep your sewer line and septic tank clear.
  • Prevent costly septic backup and repairs
    Green Gobbler Septic Saver digests clog-producing material to keep your septic tank from overflowing and ruining your property. Don’t pay up to $7, 000 on septic tank repair. Just use Septic Saver!
  • Contains 6 monts of treatment
    Each bag of Septic Saver contains 6 water-soluble packs. Simply drop and flush one pack into your downstairs bathroom toilet once a month for preventive septic tank maintenance.
  • Reduce septic odors
    Septic odors are some of the most obnoxious and toxic odors known to man. Septic Saver’s powerful enzymes will digest organic matter that may be stuck inside of your main sewer line to keep septic odors at bay.

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