Home Basics Sink Mat

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Series : Sink Mat
Model : Bm44217
Item Number : 959500007864
Dimension/Size : 40x32cm
Material : Pvc
/ PC

Product Specification

SKU 959500007864
Application Indoor
Brand Home Basics
Material Pvc
Series Sink Mat
Unit of Measurement Pc
Size 40x32cm
Model Number Bm44217

Product Features

Should you find glasses and other dishware slipping from your hands while you're on dishwashing duty, don't fret! The soft, cushioned surface of this sink mat provides a safe, landing to prevent these delicate items from breaking. A cut-out pattern and textured top allow water to pass through for efficient draining. Use it to dry and store glasses, cups, mugs, bowls, and plates. This sink mat is perfect for protecting stainless steel and porcelain sinks from unsightly scratches.

  • Smooth, cushioned, flat surface protects delicate dishware from scratching and chipping
  • Evenly distributed perforations allow water to flow through
  • Perfect for protecting sinks from scratches and dishware from dents and chipping
  • Made of durable PVC

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