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Choosing The Right Tile For Your Bathroom

A bathroom is a go-to private place in every home for relaxation and tranquility. One way to achieve your calming bathroom sanctuary is to choose suitable tiles to create a spa-like atmosphere. Wilcon Depot will give you the best bathroom tile options. 


Consider ceramic tile for your bathroom because of its durability and versatility. The hardness of ceramic tile makes it easier to clean and ideal for water exposure, giving a calming bath experience. Furthermore, it is a good choice for bathroom floor and wall tiles since it has a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes that will fit your dream spa-like bathroom.


The bathroom is a wet space. Picking porcelain tile is an ideal floor tile that will keep you from slipping and falling. Also, if you want your bathroom wall to be scratch and stain-free, think about the porcelain tile because its material is denser and less porous. Choosing porcelain tiles can add a relaxing impact to your space to ease your stress away.

Glass Mosaic

Create a cheerful vibe and add character to your bathroom with glass mosaic tile. The striking colors and bold statement will elevate your space. Mosaic tile is versatile and can mix well with other tile types. In addition, the dramatic design will look great on the wall and highlight a break between surfaces.


Glass tile is highly durable since it is non-porous. Moreover, it is a low-maintenance option that requires water, a window cleaner, and a towel to keep it clean, making it the perfect choice for the shower, where soap and shampoo buildup requires frequent cleaning. Remember that clean and stylish tile will give you a serene vibe to let go of your day.


Granite tile is one of the most rigid tile materials. It is the most popular choice due to its durability and scratch and stain resistance, perfect for your busy bathroom. Since granite is non-porous, substances like moisture, grime, bacteria, soap, and odors stay on the surface rather than absorbed. Granite tile is a one-time investment that brings beauty and functionality. Typically you will find the granite tile in larger format slabs, which will increase the value of your home.


Wilcon Depot offers expansive tile selections that speak of quality, elegance, and design and create a taste of exceptional style for your walls and floors. Explore the limitless choice of hand-picked and high-quality tiles at any Wilcon Depot store nationwide—from Italian tile brands such as Novabell, Versace, Energie Ker, Gardenia, Dom, Herberia, Opera, Castelvetro, Keradom, and Naxos to Spanish tile brands including Grespania, Rocersa, Cifre, Emigres, Keros, Tesany, Valentia, Onix, Oset, Vitacer, Grupo Halcon, Myr, Etile, and Eco Ceramica. Asian tile brands are also available like Arte, Sol, Lola, Huanqiu, Verona, Picasso Mosaic, Roman, Mulia, Kia, China Natural Granite, Basel, Saigres, and Gemma.

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