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Your Guide For Picking The Perfect Swimming Pool Tiles

There’s more to swimming pool tiles than you think. Having the right design or type of tile work can prove to be beneficial, no matter if it’s for a new or a renovated swimming pool. With countless innovations and designs, these pieces can transform your pool from ordinary to extraordinary.

Check this guide for picking the perfect swimming pool tiles from Wilcon Depot:


Here are some interior design ideas on how you can pull off these wood-like floor tiles:

What Area Of The Pool Are You Tiling?

Knowing the part of the pool you are tiling is essential. It is a great starting point to ensure your swimming pool will be functional, safe, and stylish for many years. Here are the different parts of a swimming pool:

  • Waterline tile: A tile positioned beneath your pool's edge to indicate the correct water level. Usually, three inches of the waterline tiles are submerged in the water, and the three inches are above the water. Waterline is an excellent area for decorative tiles accenting your swimming pool.
  • Coping: The part of the pool that serves as the entire boundary or border. It is positioned over or above the waterline. A stone or glass mosaic tile is a versatile material for this part since it adds a touch of opulence.
  • Walls and floors: The most significant area of the pool. Go for classic and simple for timeless design, or you can show your character and personality by having decorative mosaic tiles to lend a statement.
  • Steps: A valuable and convenient part of the pool to quickly enter the pool. It is safer than a ladder, especially for kids and aging people, during emergencies.
  • Deck: It is the area surrounding your swimming pool. You must install anti-slip tiles or other materials with a firmer grip around your pool deck. If kids are playing near your pool area, this is particularly vital.

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Select The Ideal Types & Materials Of Tile

Different tile types and materials have other pros and cons. Knowing the different parts of the swimming pool makes it easy to spot the ideal tiles for that specific pool area.

  • Ceramic Pool Tile: Ideal for swimming pool floor and wall since it is easy to clean, versatile, and robust. Ceramics is distinctive and stylish because it has the widest selection of designs and patterns.
  • Porcelain Pool Tile: Due to its durability, porcelain pool tile is superb for high-traffic areas of your pool, like the pool deck. It will keep you from falling and slipping since the material is denser and less porous.
  • Glass Mosaic Pool Tile: Show your character and personality by using the glass mosaic pool tile for your swimming pool's waterline, steps, and coping area. It will make luxurious, shimmering, and dazzling reflections in the water, making your pool beautiful.

Choose The Right Color

After knowing the parts of the swimming pool and the material you will use, the next step is choosing the tile color. Blue, green, and white are the standard pool tile color, as these colors make pools look bright and inviting since they reflect the light and water well. Add luxury yet playful and cheerful vibes by choosing aqua mosaic pool tile; it will make the pool larger and eye-catching.
When choosing the color of your swimming pool tiles, it is essential to note that the color will change depending on the lighting and brightness of the sun, reflections of different pool structures, and when submerged in water.

Get To Know The Tile Maintenance Requirements

Each swimming pool tile type and material has maintenance requirements. Your tiles will inevitably accumulate scum and buildup over time, so it's critical to understand which abrasive cleaners or chemicals will be most effective without harming the tiles. Determine by asking an expert about the various tile materials, learning which requires little maintenance and which requires special care. Maintaining your pool tile will enable you to have a clear sparkling pool, save money, and ensure its longevity.

Know Your Budget

Being realistic with your budget is important in your swimming pool project. Although it may be the last on our list, it needs to be the first thing that is decided. Knowing how much you must spend on your tiles will help you plan from the start, allow you to allocate funds elsewhere, and prevent a budget blowout. Wilcon Depot has a wide range of top-notch mid-to-high-end swimming pool tiles readily available in stores nationwide. In addition, Wilcon Depot has a Design Hub Service that will also help you create your design ideas that provide floor plans and a 3D layout perspective to make designing easy.

Start your swimming pool project, whether installing a new pool or renovating an old one, with this complete guide from Wilcon. Visit our tile section and tile studio to shop for your tiling needs at any Wilcon Depot store nationwide. You may also shop via the Wilcon Online Store.

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