Beat The Heat With Wilcon Depot: Summer Must-Haves

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Published Date: April 18, 2024

Summer is here, and you can embrace the warm weather by incorporating seasonal touches into your home through appliances, indoor and outdoor furniture, building materials, gym equipment, and gardening tools. Create a space perfect for the hot weather with products from your trusted home improvement store, and instantly enjoy the fun under the sun!

What Is Tuscan Design?

Tuscan design, inspired by the rustic beauty of the Italian region of Tuscany, is a style that embodies warmth, charm, and timeless elegance. This design aesthetic draws heavily from the natural elements, traditional craftsmanship, and the rich cultural heritage of Tuscany—the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.


Prepare to beat the heat with a summer-ready interior. Equip your home to withstand hot weather with cooling appliances, themed decorations, and home renovation materials ideal for summertime and beyond.

Stay Cool In The Weather

Beat the rising temperatures with refreshing solutions using air-cooling appliances from our exclusive brand, Kaze. Lounge in your home with air conditioners, available in split and window types, to escape the sweltering heat outside. You may also opt for electric fans with different options, such as a stand fan, wall fan, or ceiling fan, to ventilate your room and reduce humidity. Stay cool and comfortable this season, and let summer be fun without breaking a sweat! (READ: Keep Your Home Clean & Cool This Summer With Kaze’s Ultimate Air-cooling Appliances)

Transform Your Space Into A Summer Haven

Enhance your home with carefully curated items to make it cozy and trendy in the sunny season. Add a touch of nature with Heim’s artificial potted plants and grass from P.Tech to bring fresh greenery indoors without the hassle of maintenance. Decorate your space with wallpapers, decors accents, sleek mirrors, shelves, and Alphalux lamps to create a pleasant ambience. With Wilcon’s extensive selection of decorations, turn your space your space into a stylish, comfortable summer sanctuary this season.

Restore Your Home With Trusted Essentials

Revamp your indoor and outdoor spaces with essential power tools such as drills, hammers, and jigsaws from Hills. Achieve that tropic house makeover by revitalizing your walls with panels from P.Tech and fresh paints. Remember your other essentials, like silicon sealant for a professional-like finish, tile grout, skim coat, and a ladder, which make all DIY projects more manageable. (RELATED: HOW TO: Choose The Right Power And Hand Tools For Your DIY Project)


The heat shouldn't stop the fun; staying home in front of a fan is ideal, but try these activities to make the most of this time of unbridled fun, whether alone or with loved ones!

Fitness Is In For That Summer Body

Keep yourself healthy and energetic this season with efficient workout equipment from Landjack! Stay fit with bicycles and enhance your strength training with dumbbells and kettlebells, perfect for both indoors and outdoors. Bring the gym home with our treadmills for convenient cardio workouts. Kickstart your fitness journey this tropical season with our workout essentials. (READ: Home Gym Equipment Must-Have To Start Achieving A Healthier You)

Refresh With A Hearty Outdoor Meal

Host an unforgettable cookout with friends and family with our premium Suncrust grills and Igloo coolers to enjoy meals easily under the sun. Upgrade your outdoor visuals with our range of table and chair sets from Heim, sturdy yet comfortable. Make this summer memorable, and dive into this season's fun activities! (RELATED: Holiday-Ready Space: Must-Have For Yuletide Alfresco Dining At Home)

Be One With The Nature

Whether you're a seasoned green thumb or just beginning your gardening journey, having the right essentials from Gilmour, Heim, and P.Tech can make a significant difference and help you achieve lush green lawns and blooming flowers. With our top-notch gardening essentials, such as sprinklers, shears, mowers, hoses, spray nozzles, and plant pots, you can showcase your botanical beauties because your sunny garden dreams are within reach!


Relax in the sun with ease! Get your outdoor essentials from Wilcon Depot and transform your outdoor space into a vibrant, bright oasis under the tropic sun. Add flair with durable outdoor tiles for your pool area and garden pathway. Stay shaded outside by installing canopies from P.Tech and illuminate your outdoors with efficient lighting from Alphalux to continue outdoor festivities into the evening. With these outdoor essentials, you can enjoy the summertime day in and out with no worries! (RELATED: The Benefits of Outdoor Living: How to Design a Relaxing and Beautiful Space)

3. Stylish Tuscany Centerpiece

Enhance your dining experience by creating an Instagram-worthy Tuscany dining table. Add glass and metal materials to the table’s centerpiece, such as Heim textured candle holders, sleek vases, and small potted artificial plants; it will set the tone of your meal and make it exceptional. Centerpieces that combine functionality and aesthetics help make your mealtime fun, too!

Create lasting holiday memories in your outdoor space! With Wilcon Depot's top-notch home improvement products, you can effortlessly transform your patio or terrace into a holiday al fresco dining haven. From comfortable seating and stylish umbrellas to high-quality grills and festive lighting, Wilcon Depot has everything you need to make this holiday season memorable.

Design your summer hideout, indoors and outdoors, with our trusted, high-quality products that combine functionality and comfort during this hot season. From air coolers to contemporary outdoor decor, Wilcon Depot has everything you need to beat the heat in style.

Shop for these summer must-haves at any Wilcon Depot and DO IT WILCON (Home Essentials) store nationwide. You may also shop via Connect to all Wilcon Depot branches nationwide by dialing 88-WILCON (88-945266) from 8 AM to 7 PM daily.

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Must Have Items For Modern Dining Room

Make every meal an exciting experience with these must‑have modern dining room items from Wilcon Depot!

Dining Set

The dining table and chairs should go hand in hand for a clean and spacious look to achieve a comfortable dining experience with your family or guests.


Tableware must be in its proper places to serve its purpose and complement the dining set to enjoy every meal.

Dining Room Decor

Make sure that napkins, vases, rugs, and other dining room decorations are as functional and clutter‑free as possible to create a lively atmosphere.